At the beginning of my first session, Michael told me that his goal as my coach was to help me become more “self-aware, self-accepting, and self-expressed.” Throughout our work together, Michael’s keen intuition helped me examine old ways of thinking that were crippling me. He created a safe, non-judgmental place where I could revisit my past, even re-imagine it, and envision a freer future. His creativity took me through processes I never could have anticipated as together we moved toward his goal for me (which was also my goal for me). I strongly recommend Michael to anyone who knows that his or her life can be richer, fuller, more creative, and joyous. He will support you at your cutting edges, wherever they may be, and help you move toward that more fulfilling life.

-L. Swanson

I came to coaching to gain more clarity and fulfillment in my life and work, and the experience has surfaced a deeper awareness and knowing of who I am and want to be. What I love is the broad, authentic and trusting space you provide to explore the challenging places and the insights, creativity, freshness, and boldness you bring to each session. Coaching together has brought me more fully into my personal power and into more resonant leadership in my life and work.

-T. Lee

I met you a few years ago and I believe our paths crossed for a reason. You became my coach and helped me build courage and face many of my fears; fears that were keeping me from living my life to the fullest; fears that were causing undo suffering in my life. At the same time you helped me realize and accept the fact that I wasn’t following my life’s purpose in my chosen career and helped me find my courage to pursue my dreams and get back on the path that is leading me to my life’s calling. Thank you so much. Your insight, intuitive ability to discover underlying challenges, your incredible ability to create an open, safe, and non-judgmental environment was key to my success. Michael, my friend, as a coach, you ROCK!

-T. Conrad

Michael has the uncanny ability to create very real and deep shifts in me in a short amount of time. He inspires me mentally, emotionally and most importantly, spiritually. Words cannot describe the impact he has had on me during our coaching sessions. When Michael coaches me, I feel as though I have a wise and caring partner on my journey of self-discovery. He has the gift of being able to notice what is “going on” at a deeper level and knows how to lovingly taking me “there”. His intuition is powerful and his wisdom immense. At times, I am in awe with what he “sees”. He can sense and articulate my emotions on an issue even when I am not aware of them myself. When he brings my attention to the unseen, the impact is huge. Michael is beyond amazing and he encapsulates everything that I look for in a coach. I feel so truly blessed to have Michael in my life!

-M. Singh

Michael’s coaching style is extremely intuitive, insightful and full of surprises. He has a knack of knowing exactly what is needed in the moment for the client and the coaching process. I always look forward to my coaching sessions almost as if magic would consistently happen…in the form of exploration, play and tapping into a place of wisdom, freedom and potential. Through coaching with Michael, I have become more grounded, more accepting of myself and willing to embrace being messy!

-L. Kroll

Michael is creative and highly intuitive, he has always been courageous with me and yet truly supportive. His coaching has taken me deep into my emotion and expanded my awareness. His insights have helped me to gain clarity and stay motivated even in the toughest times.

-J. Ye

Michael is a master coach. He has keen insight into the underlying issues which helped me to break through barriers and find my path to freedom.

-S. Woodley

Coaching with Michael has always been fun and very stimulating for me. We connect on lots of levels that enrich my coaching experience. Michael holds me to a high standard about getting things done, i.e. my website and my CD. He seems genuinely proud of my accomplishments which makes me feel good.

-B. Zeger

Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for a great session on Thursday. It was thrilling to be in the place of real connection. I want more of it! You are such a great coach and teacher, your impact is showing!

-M. Noble

I chose Michael as my coach after several sample coaching sessions with other acclaimed coaches. My experience with Michael, of being “seen”, understood and drawn out at a deep level of consciousness became a gold standard by which I compared the other coaches I interviewed. With Michael, I almost felt “found out”, “discovered”, or “exposed” with no place to hide, because of Michael’s ability to be fully present with me during our sessions. Don’t take my word for it. Try this yourself; interview a few coaches after coaching with Michael, and experience the level of presence he brings to a session. This is truly a savored experience because very few people we meet help us feel like we are meeting more of ourselves when we are with them. The world is in need of small spaces where people can be real. From my experience, Michael is the keeper of this sacred space.

-J. Ames

Getting closure from a finished relationship is essential to moving forward in one’s life. But, how does one get closure from another person that is incapable of giving it? Well, Michael can get you there! And once he does, you are the master and commander of YOUR  own story.

-C. Roberts

I just want to write to show my appreciation for the great coaching I received yesterday, it touched my heart deeply and impacted me in a positive way.

– O. Qian

Michael is not a life coach, he’s a blacksmith. He takes people like myself that are feeling down, unfocused, lost or any other form of disarray and forges them with a gentle yet firm stroke. I was in a life without direction and Michael found a way to guide me. As I took form of my weapon of choice he stood behind me as a checks/balances system that helped whalen my blade. Today I still am not as sharp as I would like but with my focus and his support it’s only time till I can cut through diamonds.

-J. Lee

Michael is a beacon. Through his ability to listen and question with a deep presence, he guides me to my own realizations. He takes off his armor and invites me to do the same. I am able to speak openly and from the heart, as if we had been friends for a life time.

-S. Van Betten

Michael has powerfully “grown me”: with his insight, his intuition, his challenges and his great heart of compassion. Michael’s coaching is nothing less than amazing and dead on. I know because I am a Health and Wellness Master Coach and have taught coaching skills to hundreds of Health Practitioners. Michael has a unique approach that makes you feel completely comfortable while challenging aspects of yourself that have you hog-tied.

-J. Somerville

Michael will show you how your most valuable and desired assets are already inside you. More importantly, he teaches practical and proven methods for unleashing them. An indispensable gift.

-S. Latrell

Michael is a balm to the soul.  His natural combination of fierce and edgy passion mixed with his gentle energy and loving voice move me in all ways.  I am instantly re-mined of who I really am.  I am re-connected to my higher self and to what I want and need to do for myself here in order to become the whole person I know I am and deserve to be.  He is always fully invested in me and committed to me living my best life. I hear and feel him in the days that follow a session and recommend him to anyone who is ready for a partner in growing and moving their life in the direction of their dreams.

-L. Coyle

I feel so lucky to have found Michael’s triads. They have proven to be a wonderful place to practice and increase my skills – and they were terrific preparation for Certification. Michael is a gifted coach and a skilled teacher who provides a safe and fun, yet challenging, atmosphere for learning.

– M. Elliott

I started with Michael Huskey’s Triad Coaching Service while In The Bones. I have now completed my written test for Certification and I can truly say that I have not missed one weekly triad session with Michael. His coaching was by far the most helpful service I could have given to myself while in certification. He is an incredible human being and wonder coach.

– G Guevara

With Michael Huskey’s excellent feedback and guidance in our Triads, I was able to increase my confidence and improve my Co-Active coaching skills.

– J. DiEllo

Michael, the work you’re doing in the coaching triads has helped me to have a better feel for the important “intricacies” in my coaching. I better 
serve my clients because of the work we’ve done together. I thank you and, although they don’t know it, my clients thank you!

– D. Gabbert

As I tell you every time we speak, I feel so blessed to have found you and to be working with you. You are an amazing teacher and an insightful coach. I cant wait to spread the word about your coaching triads at my next class. Thank you for all of your help. I look forward to our next call.

– D. Woods

I have benefited enormously from working with Michael in coaching triads. Coach Michael helped me integrate the techniques I learned in class and develop a smooth coaching style. Michael is a masterful teacher and skilled Co-Active coach. My work with Michael has given me the confidence to launch my full time coaching practice.

– Djuna

I really love the coaching triads. I learned so much from being a observer, coach and client. What is so special about this is that you coach/teach the coach at the exact spot they need while the coach is coaching. A nice surprise which I did not expect when I joined the triads is that I get great coaching from the coach and you. The weekly practice has helped me with my skills and to overcome the obstacles of being a good coach. It also increases my self-confidence around being a coach and building my coaching business. I highly recommend any new coach to join the triads. Thank you.

– Liling

Thanks so much Michael for today’s session, it was very helpful to me. I really like the critique and learning process. This is a powerful learning experience.

– Tina

Michael has a brilliant mind and a brilliant idea to help coaches in training to really hone their skills. I wish I would have had this as a part of my certification program. His brilliance is taking me to a new level in my coaching. Thanks for listening to you heart, Michael! You’re the Best!

– J. Collins

Michael is a gem. I did the CTI program and didn’t get many of the subtleties of coaching until I worked with Michael.  He offered a framework to do a good coaching call, and often he would correct me about the words/phrasing/timing I used.  This was very welcome.   He also pushed me to my limits and beyond. This was great, and it is my responsibility  to stay and push at those bigger boundaries.


I passed!!! Yay. Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate the work you do.  It is very clear and simple, and boy do I need that.

– D. Heeb

Michael is one of the best co-active coaches I’ve ever met in my life. He is compassionate, generous and loving with a kind heart! I got referred to Michael during my certification program and I soon found out that Michael is exactly the coach I needed not only to pass my oral exam, but also the mentor I can rely on to find my own truth. During the coaching process with Michael, he walked me through the anatomy of coaching, level 3 listening and how to become an extraordinary coach. After only 2 sessions coaching with him, people started to notice my skill had soundly improved. I also feel that I am a better more confident coach. Without any surprise, I passed my oral exam and I am still working with Michael to find my life purpose. I wish I knew Michael earlier in my life, he is such a beautiful human being!

– O. Qian

Michael is sharp and direct with enormous empathy for his clients. He has an extremely broad range and works as easily with the radical and abstract as he does with the very concrete and practical.You’re guaranteed a real connection and genuine response whatever the topic.

– G. Hayden

“Michael, you are a truly intuitive and caring coach. You are bang on with what I need to work on as a coach, to stretch me to an excellence and mastery that is within reach. With laser focus and a rare ability to connect with what is important to me, I have benefited deeply in exploring the edges and expanding my range. In that, you’ve helped me recognize further my own intuitive abilities, tap into it and channel it within myself and for the benefit of others. For that, I am eternally grateful.”

– L. Shenouda

Your teaching works for me. You are very sharp to find my weakness in few minutes. More than that, I’m really happy to have you as our coaching supervisor, since the learning is far beyond the coaching itself.

– Jane R.

So glad to hear your feedback. You have definitely made a big impact on Jane and I. We are very impressed by your spontaneous-way of teaching and I believe that your  deep-and-long “acupuncture” is  working on us in the last 2 days. We feel really lucky to have you on the way of our journey. To satisfy my “metaphor disease”, I feel like you are our “power station”. Jane and I might be crazy, but we promise to take “the power to people”.

– Jessica Z.

Dear Michael,

It has been a while since our 1st coaching. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for accompanying and supporting me during this time!

The coaching helped me to:
•    Understand myself better by exploring my values, beliefs, and my life purpose. The impact has been that I have more acceptance and appreciation of myself. I often feel ease instead of anxiety and know what to do;
•    It helped me to find better answers for my day to day work issues and life issues. By answering the questions you asked, I learned to see things from various perspectives. More importantly, I learned to be brave and to make choices, honoring my values and able to ask for what I want. In this way, I have become stronger in my life;
•    As a new coach going through the certification process, your coaching skills and mentoring skills were very strong. I learned a lot of practical skills from you. Without your help, I couldn’t have succeeded so smoothly!
Again, I really appreciate it and I do hope I have to honor to introduce you to more people in China!

-R. Hou