Become the leader of your vibrant alive life. Artfully and effectively express your uniqueness. Become a connoisseur of every precious moment. It’s do-able.

How much healthy aliveness are you getting out of your life? We are naturally drawn towards happiness, but often we end up settling for superficial pleasures that leave us empty, imbalanced, running hectic, or just plain flat. With some personal development our desire for happiness often starts evolving towards higher more refined expressions, such as working to build deeply connected relationships, courageously offering our “unique gift” to the world, or fiercely immersing ourselves in a spiritual practice. These higher “happinesses” can be deeply felt as unwavering authentic fulfillment. Many of us want to be actively engaged in our own real fulfillment, because we know that we are truly the only ones that can make it happen, but we often don’t know how. It’s hit and miss. We “get” that we can intentionally create our own happiness and choose our own personal evolution, but we often don’t know where to turn. This is the great gift of coaching. I will help you develop and navigate a clear map that will allow you to flourish and teach you universal wisdom that will lead you to the vital life you most deeply want.

Knowledge is power.

The surest way to move beyond poor attempts at happiness, and move towards deeper levels of fulfillment, is by actively learning and applying wisdom. Simply said, wisdom is the study of the patterns of life. Absolutely every personal and relational challenge is full noticeable of patterns… if you know what to look for. Wisdom has the “know how” behind every challenge that, when grasped, gives us the power to create matchless outcomes. When we learn the underlying patterns of life then we can start thinking, speaking and acting from a place of true wisdom and achieve the lasting results we want.

Due to the unprecedented amount of information available at this time in history, profound breakthroughs in science, coupled with the traditional wisdom, you can quickly learn invaluable knowledge that will help you choose to live a deeply informed life full of precious aliveness and juice. This alive life is, real, measurable, and practical. I am a voracious student of wisdom and have spent well over 20 years exploring, testing and practicing various methods, asking the deepest questions I can muster. All in service of getting as much life out of my life as possible. This fierce questing has allowed me to reach precious levels of personal and relational success that are light years beyond where I began. It would be my great pleasure to see if I can be of service to you in your life’s quest and in helping you get the most from your precious life.

“Michael is creative and highly intuitive, he has always been courageous with me and yet truly supportive. His coaching has taken me deep into my emotion and expanded my awareness. His insights have helped me to gain clarity and stay motivated even in the toughest times.”

-J. Ye