Michael is a coach, consultant and creative leadership development specialist who guides individuals, leaders and groups through in-depth explorations of how to be more effective, conscious and joyful in their personal and professional lives. Michael’s passions are helping people discover that they can become masterful about most everything in life, and that there are fun ways to get what we most deeply want. He enjoys hunting for and revealing the truth, creating a platform for authenticity to flourish and taking people to their growing edge.

Michael has been coaching for ten years working with a wide variety of clients, everything from CEOs to stay-at-home moms, training corporate coaches in Beijing to challenging artists to manifest their purest expression of art. Michael is a certified Co-Active Coach trained at The Coaches Training Institute accredited with the International Coaching Federation. He has completed the Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching program at The Center For Right Relationship and CTI’s Co-Active Leadership program, giving him a broad skill set to powerfully serve his clients.

Michael is a beacon. Through his ability to listen and question with a deep presence, he guides me to my own realizations. He takes off his armor and invites me to do the same. I am able to speak openly and from the heart, as if we had been friends for a life time.

-S. Van Betten