Masterful Parenting

Feel the unparallelled satisfaction of consistently parenting right.

It is richly rewarding when we see ourselves parent skillfully, when we do it “right.” But for most parents it’s a game of hit and miss. Managing a child’s intense energy can be like trying to hold onto a uncontrollable fire hose that’s blasting all over the place, difficult and deeply frustrating. But the “impossibility” of the situation can turn into mastering the situation if you learn the simple patterns of channeling that energy properly. There’s a proven science to parenting called Nurtured Heart method. A way to make sure that “right” parenting happens consistently and on purpose.

The Nurtured Heart method is a very simple approach that gently and effectively dissolves unwanted behaviors in your children, and in turn helps you cultivate the greatness you know they have within them. By following three basic rules you will help you unique child become masterful with their beautiful vibrant or intense energy so that they get the deep reward of healthy constructive behavior. This method has worked in the most extreme situations at home and in the school, because it truly gets to the root of the issue. Please call today if you’d like to learn more.

You will help your child use all of their powerful life force in ways that lead to constructive patterns and absolute success.

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